This new record. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun. This is the strongest band I’ve ever been a part of, and Don is a dream to work with. I can’t wait to share it with you.
We’ll be playing in Toronto at the Dakota on Feb. 26th with the wonderful Rachel Ries. You can get tickets here.

Also, we’re fully funded on PledgeMusic, and you can pre-order the album right up to the release date. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have gotten involved.

Here are some pictures from the studio, from our phones.



Dear friends,

I am excited to announce that I am about to make a new album!
It’s been three years since I released Two Horses, and after a ton of touring and writing, I am ready to hit the studio again with a new batch of songs and a great band (Kathryn Palumbo, Sam Rosenberg, Sam Gleason and Damon Hankoff). We will be recording in January with Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics) at The Rooster in Toronto.

I am launching a PledgeMusic campaign to bring you along for the ride as I make this new album, and I would love if you would take a look. Adam Finchler and I made a little video where I describe the project in detail. It would be fantastic to have your involvement, so please check it out and thank you so much for your incredible support.

We will also be donating a percentage of our campaign funds to the incredible Santropol Roulant.

Thanks for stopping by!


  Process. What I have learned from it. Somewhere, maybe the next planet over, there is a stack of discarded songs written in chicken scratch handwriting. Or maybe they’re all in my chest of drawers.
But here it is – after 3 years of touring, writing, playing in other people’s bands, waiting, I’m making a new record. My band (Kathryn Palumbo, Sam Rosenberg, Sam Gleason, Damon Hankoff) and I are going into studio in January with the fabulous Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics) at the Rooster in Toronto. We’re deep into rehearsals now, and things are coming to life. I can’t say enough good things about this group of people, the lot of them.

  What else? Well, I have written music for playwright John Yearley’s piece Confessions From the Plank, which debuts at the New York Sketch Festival on Nov. 15th. I will be performing live as part of the show, and it’s a collaboration that I feel very strongly about. I’m also playing drums with soulful singer Adrian Underhill, and with French outfit the Keys. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news, besides the record, is that I’m part of a team of people that is opening a new music venue in Toronto called Burdock Music Hall. Please stay tuned for more details.